Is It Safe To Play In 99Poker?

Is It Safe To Play In 99Poker?

There are many players that have been asking this question for years. Too often, the answer is not clear-cut. You may find many forum posts where players are debating these issues.

99Poker certainly has its own share of controversies that certainly need to be addressed. We hope this article will shed some light on the subject and give you a small glimpse of how 99Poker operates its policies and procedures.

What is 99Poker?

99 Poker is an online poker room that opened not too long ago. Since its emergence, it has grown into one of the biggest player pools in the world. It owes its success to offering good games with very good traffic counts. They also started by giving players the opportunity to choose their Rakeback percentages based on their VIP level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

This model has been adopted by several other rooms since then. Unfortunately, this unique business model wasn’t sustainable, and they have changed their policy a few times since then. However, it is still a reasonable option compared to other online poker rooms where players are offered a fixed 26% or 30%.

Their most recent policy change was offering a flat 27% Rakeback which can be earned by completing daily “Krill Missions.” These Krill missions are based on the number of hands you play. While this is certainly not as lucrative as their previous VIP program, it still gives players a reason to choose 99Poker over other rooms with similar traffic counts.

So is 99Poker safe?

The answer is yes. 99Poker is safe to play in as long as you follow all rules and regulations set forth by the poker room. This means that it is safe to use real money to enter their games, but keep in mind that this is a company based outside of the United States which makes it illegal for many players from restricted countries to open accounts or even visit their website.

In order to be protected under most circumstances if something goes wrong with your account, the site is using a Malta Gaming license issued by the Lotteries & Gaming Authority (LGA). Despite being regulated, not every country recognizes this authority and players from these places may have some problems trying to obtain a refund.

For example, our users from Canada seem to have issues with their withdrawals until they are able to confirm their identity by supplying documents. Keep in mind that if you are under suspicion of being involved in some sort of illegal activity, the site can demand any kind of information or must be able to close your account, so not everyone will be protected under the same circumstances.

What about security?

99Poker uses SSL encryption which makes it extremely difficult for players’ accounts to get hacked or compromised through a 3rd party software support tool. However, there were many incidents where some members have had their accounts get “hacked” because of sharing personal information with other people. This is why we stress again that everyone should take responsibility for his/her own account.